Covid19 - How will it affect this season? Masks, Gel and Social Distancing

In the prep-up to this winter season, we have had many a discussion about how Covid19 will affect us. Here we are to set a few of these stories straight.

Firstly, we can be sure that our ski resort is doing everything needed to meet all health regulations concerning Covid19. So far what we know is this… All the same rules you have been sticking to in your home, village, town or city must be continued in resort. So, actually nothing for you will be different from when the Covid19 protocol was initially put in place. 

However, to reiterate, so far:

  • Masks should be worn in public places in the ski resort.
  • Masks must be worn in queues, on chairlifts and all other public transport (buses and gondolas).
  • Inside ski rental shops, ski schools and any other public welcoming point, masks are compulsory and equipment is disinfected regularly.
  • In restaurants and bars, seated service only. Tables will be at least 1 meter apart and a mask should be worn at all times when not at your table.
  • All public places will be disinfected regularly, plus frequent hand sanitising and social distancing must all be respected everywhere.
  • All adults must respect the mask rules and children above the age of 11 should wear a mask too. Children below 11 are not obliged to, however it is recommended if possible (if not though, do not worry).
  • A mask is compulsory when getting to and from resort via public transport too. For example, you must wear a mask while on the train, bus, as well as while on platforms or in bus stations.
(The above information was taken from FranceInfo)

As you can see, these rules are the same everywhere and are becoming second nature now. This summer season we saw an influx of holidaymakers in La Plagne and the resort managed to implement all the elements above into everyday life. We know what we’re doing and we’re ready for this winter season. Do you not think it’s time to get back to our (new) normal and start enjoying holidays again?

Because we offer self-catered accommodation you can enjoy your holiday in the mountain with your family (or a small group friends), at the same time as respecting all the rules easily. In resort, some of the restaurants also included a pick up or delivery service. This is something that could easily continue this winter.

On top of that, you can reserve other extra services with us, such as an in chalet equipment fitting/delivery service. Or even ordering you lift passes via ourselves means you avoid an unnecessary outing. You can also benefit from our special partner promo prices!

Just to add more peace-of-mind, we have adapted our cancellation policy too. It now includes the option of a full refund if you cancel up to 30 days before your stay. Plus, if there are any new measures or confinements due to Covid19, meaning you are unable to travel to La Plagne less that 30 days before your holiday, then you’re entitled to a full refund.

If you have anymore questions, remember you can contact us at anytime :


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