What’s going on in La Plagne?

Guess what? We’ve already had our first 50 cm snow fall last weekend which covered our mountains beautifully. This snow will also provide a good start on our north facing slopes and top peaks. Let’s all continue doing the snow dance.

As you know, the La Plagne ski season officially starts on the 12 December, and boy are we are looking forward to it! With what has happen in the past year (Covid & Brexit), we are extremely happy to open our arms to all our clients from around the word.

There have been a number of discussions on Brexit and Covid-19 and how it is going to affect us. In our previous post ‘Covid19 - How it will affect this season?‘ you can read all about the necessary precautions we have been doing and will continue to do during your stay. In regards Brexit, we are here to help all our English clients understand any new procedures and processes as and when we have more information, so stay tuned!

Just to reiterate though, we have altered our Terms and Conditions to include a free cancelation policy up to 1 month before your holiday start date. So we suggest you get booking now to make sure your favourite accommodation does not get snapped up by someone else.

What has been going on in La Plagne? I hear you say...

Well, there are lots of projects that are still going ahead despite the challenging moment. And work has already began in a number of areas. A new chairlift called the Lovatiere is currently under construction. This chairlift will leave Plagne Centre and head up to the Verdons peak. It will ultimately replace the old, long, Verdons Nord chairlift. The visual below shows in green where the new Lovatiere will be.

After this winter the chairlift will be finished and a restructuring of the slope will take place, making it more accessible to skiers or boarders just starting out.

A restructuring of the Plagne Centre snow front is also going hand-in-hand with this project (see image below). The Grand Rochette FuniPlagne ground station is undergoing big changes this autumn and a new entrance for skiers will be ready for this winter. For next winter the plan is for the current baby slope to be moved closer to the new and improved Grand Rochette ground station, with a brand new magic carpet being included.

Work up at the Glacier has started too. The plan is to replace the old Telecabin with a brand new one. The middle station will also undergo a beautiful makeover. (Photo below of what the middle station will look like).

What is great though, is that everything La Plagne does they do in accordance to the impact on the environment. For example, they are moving any special, endangered or rare fauna or flora from the glacier which could be damaged while the project in being constructed. Once it has been finished they will then replant it in the same place (or as near as).

So as you can see it’s exciting times ahead for holidaymakers in La Plagne, and our plan is to keep offering you the best mountain experience.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly… info@oxygene-immobilier.com

Photo & information credit: www.remontees-mecaniques.net

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