It’s holiday time - how to get to La Plagne?

Your accommodation is booked and your winter holiday is not far away, but how do you get to the best resort in the world...La Plagne? Well, read on for more information.

La Plagne is an international ski resort, not only because it is a super ski area, but also because it is so easy to get to from all around the world.

To start with, international holiday makers can fly in to 4 different airports all within 2 and half hours away. These airports are Geneva (196 km), Lyon Saint Exupéry (192 km), Grenoble (190km) and Chambéry (110 km). Links are below:

All these airports provide a rent-a-car service, meaning you can rent your own private car to and from resort. The La Plagne road is well maintained and snow is cleared regularly, however we do recommend you include snow chains or socks if your rental is not a 4x4, or if it does not come with winter tires. Often when the snow falls thick and fast on a transfer day the Gendarmerie (police) will not let you up the mountain road without having these.

(Photo credit: robert metz, unsplash)

If driving on the other side of the road or in snowy conditions is not your thing then don’t worry. You can organise a private transfer company to come a collect you from the airport. The drivers have plenty of experience driving on snow and on the right hand side of the road too.

There is also a public bus service, but please bear-in-mind you will most likely have to change a few times and the transfer time can be somewhat longer.

You can arrive by train in Aime, at the bottom of the valley, too. There are regular trains arriving throughout the week/weekend, with a TGV service linking most of the main French cities to our beautiful region. The Eurostar sometimes provides a snow train service during the winter with a direct train from London St Pancras to Bourg Saint Maurice.

Once you arrive in the valley by train remember to organise your transfer up the mountain to the resort. You can book either a public bus, which will drop you off in Plagne Centre, or a private taxi that will take you directly to your accommodation door.

Last but not least, remember you can also drive yourself. If you do decide to self-drive make sure you know the rules and regulations. French motorways for a British driver can be a-m-a-z-i-n-g. They are generally larger than what we know in the UK, with less traffic, and you are legally allowed to drive at 80mph (130km). However if you are caught speeding there is often an on-the-spot charge, so please be careful. Also, remember you have to pay to use the French motorways - credit card payments are possible and the easiest!

(Photo credit : qendo, unsplash)

Below are some ideas of distances to La Plagne from:
  • Calais (940km) 585 miles
  • Paris (650km) 400 miles
  • Marseille (400km) 250 miles
  • Lyon (190km) 120 miles
  • Geneva or Grenoble (150km) 92 miles
  • Chambéry (100km) 62 miles
  • Moutiers or Bourg St Maurice (33km) 21 miles
  • Aime (18km) 12 miles
Do remember by law, when driving in france you must have a European driving kit. This includes a hi-vis jacket, a warning triangle, a first aid kit, light reflectors for your headlamps if you are driving a British car, and a French certified breathalyser. If you do not have these and are pulled over, they can fine you on the spot.

Finally, as mentioned before, when traveling to the mountains make sure you car is either a 4x4, has winter tires, snow chains or socks.

Feel free to check out our ‘How to get to La Plagne’ page here or remember you can always send us an email if you have any specific questions.

See you soon in La Plagne! 

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