Why should you still come to La Plagne?

We have just had the announcement that our La Plagne ski lifts will not be open during February. A huge knock for us and all our mountain comrades. OK, so times are pretty rubbish at the moment with Covid19 still trying to take us down, but we are strong and we’re still putting one foot forward at a time. We want to let you in to a little secret, La Plagne is still open and there are lots of other types of activities you can do...

Is it safe to come to La Plagne?

First and foremost, all Covid protocol in resort is being practiced correctly. Obviously, before you come to resort we ask you to make sure you are well enough to travel. If you have suddenly caught Covid at the last minutes please do not come to La Plagne. Here at Oxygène Immobilier we have a Covid cancellation policy in place for any last minute mishaps.

(Photo credit: Florian Glawogger, Unsplash)

Also, in La Plagne you will be doing everything you would be doing back at home. However we have plenty of healthy mountain fresh air, big open spaces you can walk around, plus all the wonderful snow. So, please do not worry as you can easily stay in your family bubble and you do not need to mingle with others. It is also obligatory for everyone to wear a mask in Savoie now, inside and out, even in resort! So, YES, it is safe to come to La Plagne.

What can I do when I get there?

There are lots of activities you can still do even though the ski lifts are not open. If you have always fancied yourself as a snowboarder (or skier), then now’s the time to try it out. Book yourself into a beginners lesson with Oxygène Ski School. Your little ones can also learn how to slide safely in a specialised snow garden, meaning you have at least 2 hours and a half hours to go walking on one of La Plagne many winter walking paths.

(Photo credit: Oxygène.ski)

In fact, Oxygène have a number of FUN things you can do including snow shoeing, ski touring, cross country skiing and Superluge sledging. They will also be opening up special groups for more advanced skiers, contact them directely for more information. 

You can also join a snow biking session with Pardibike too. This is great fun and you get to explore the mountain in another way during the daytime, which is not possible during a ‘normal’ winter season.

There are 2 ice rinks in La Plagne, a large natural one in Bellecote and smaller artificial one in Plagne Centre. It's a great activity to do with both small, medium and big kids ;).

Another hugely popular activity is a skidoo ride. The Snow Panthers in Plagne Centre is our favourite!

(Photo credit: Linnea Friberg, Unsplash)

Are shops and other amenities open?

Yes, you have the boulangerie, spar, pharmacy and doctors, plus a number of other food and clothing shops all open for business. Equipment rental shops are also open, so if you want to rent any material for snow activities, it is very easy to do so.

What about restaurants?

If you do not want to cook you can find plenty of restaurants around the resort who provide a takeaway service, and some of them even deliver to your door. A favourite of ours at the moment for lunch is to grab a takeaway crepe from the Caprice des Neiges in Plagne Centre. Delicious.

How do I get around the resort if the lifts are not open?

There is a public bus that is in place to take you around the resort villages. Please note the timetable is a little more limited than ‘normal’ winters and you should check the times beforehand.

(Photo credit: Neil Bates, Unsplash)

So as you can see, you can still come to La Plagne and enjoy our mountains in ways you never imagined before. Feel free to contact us with any further questions and we look forward to seeing you soon…

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