The Best Pistes in La Plagne

We’re here today to talk about our TOP 5 ski runs in the La Plagne ski area. First of all, it is extremely difficult to choose because we have sooooo many great pistes in resort, and it really does depends on what you like, how you ski or snowboard and when you are out on holiday. Saying that however, we have come to a conclusion of 2 amazing blue runs, 2 magnificent red pistes and 1 beautiful black slope. Here they are in no particular order…

Mont Blanc (Blue)

The Mont Blanc blue run is found as you head over towards Montchavin. It starts at the top of the Plan Lesschaux chairlift or just after the Replat rope pull. The Mont Blanc is the longest piste in La Plagne coving 6.5 km from top to bottom. This ski run is super accessible to everyone and as you ski down you move through the many different ski environments of La Plagne. You start on a super wide slope high above the tree line where you’ll find unforgettable views of the surrounding mountains. As you ski down you begin to enter another world of snowcapped trees alongside a large winding slope. Sometimes you’ll see squirrels running out in front of you as you slide down gracefully, of course. Then at the bottom you’ll enter the quaint village of Montchavin. It has been described as a ‘joy’ to ski by many, so defiantly don’t forget this one.

Levasset (Blue)

The Levasset blue is another one of those runs that you’ll want to do over and over again. You’ll find this piste as you head down to Champany from the top of the Roche de Mio or Carella chairlift. It’s another long one at 5.2 km, and if you are up for the challenge you need to snowboard or ski it from top to bottom, without stopping (feel the burn)! The slope is beautifully large and the perfect gradient to boost anyones confidence, making you feel like a pro. You can slide on down comfortably taking in the magnificent views of the Champany valley and the further afield mountains for Courchevel. Depending on the time of year, you can sometimes see acrobatic planes from air displays over in the 3 Valleys.

Esselet (Red)

This one is one of La Plagne’s Natur’ runs meaning it’s left in its natural ‘ungroomed’ state with no regular piste bashing. Created in 1976, you’ll find this slope off the Pierres Blancs blue run, linking back onto the Route des Bauche which heads towards the Vanoise Express. If you are not confident on groomed red runs then this one might not be your ‘cup-of-tea', however for advanced skiers, we know you’ll love it! It is a personal favourite of Sybille (founder and managing director of Oxygène Immobilier), and she swears by this slope as being one of La Plagnes’ hidden gems. It is often extremely quiet and you feel as if you are alone skiing through the snow covered forest of Montchavin.

Mont de la Guerre (Red)

The Mont de la Guerre has often been praised as one of the BEST runs in La Plagne and we have to 100% agree. You’ll find it on the Champany side as you come down from the Les Verdons peak. It’s another long one at just over 6 km and starts at heights of 2480m (just off the Bozelet blue run) dropping down into the Champany village at 1250m. You literally have every style of slope included in this run, wide open spaces with astounding views, enchanting forest runs to narrow and winding paths. It’s a legendary piste and it’s name pays tribute to the locals lost during the second world war. Due to it’s south facing exposer, and the fact that it drops down low to 1250m, it is often closed. So if it is open during your stay make sure to do it.

Morbleu (Black)

Head up the Becoin chairlift, drop off the back and you’ll find a whole area of black runs. Our favourite is the Morbleu. The name is a play on French words ‘Mort à Dieu’ which means ‘Death to God’ in English. Not sure if it was named this just to scare you, however the slope is defiantly for advanced skiers or boarders searching for an adrenaline kick. The piste is almost as old as the La Plagne ski resort itself, being created in 1967. It’s steep and is another of La Plagne Natur’ ungroomed slopes, you’ll feel like you are 100% in the nature here, and your legs will absolutely feel the workout.

So, there you have it, our Top 5 slopes. We want to thank the La Plagne Resort for creating these excellent videos of the slopes. It has meant we can 'sample' the slopes digitally until the lifts open again. So, we’ve given you our opinion, now we want to hear yours...

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