La Plagne for Non-Skiers

Did you know you can still enjoy a holiday in La Plagne without skiing or snowboarding? Yes, it could seem ‘strange’ to come away to a ski resort without doing the ‘key’ activity, however we understand that skiing or snowboarding is not for everyone, and we do not judge.

So, here we are to give non-skiers a little insight into just a few activities you can do in resort. Please remember the following activities can be as active (or nonactive) as you like!

Daytime activities...

(Photo: Engin Akyurt)

Spa days
There are a number of relaxing spas you can go to in La Plagne, however one of our favourites in the Deep Nature Spa in Belle Plagne. Here you can book yourself a relaxing treatment and use their super facilities. They even have special treatments for children too. Visit their website for more information.

In Bellecote we have the Magic Pool! And it’s not called 'Magic' for nothing… it’s an outdoor heated pool! Yes, you can enjoy swimming outside with snowcapped mountains surrounding you. They also have a jacuzzi and a sauna that you can relax in too.

We have an abundance of beautiful trails and tracks that you can walk in La Plagne, and you can walk for miles and miles. A relaxing or sporty walk, it’s your choice! Make sure you have a good pair of shoes and possibly some walking poles too. If you do not have poles, don’t worry, you can rent some fro the day from Oxygène Ski School in Plagne Centre. Simply pick up a walking map from the Tourist Information and get going!

(Photo : Greg Rosenke)

There are so many great places to explore on foot, but sometimes it’s just that little bit out of the way, or the snow is too deep. Not a problem, grab a pair of snowshoes and head off to explore. You can also organise a guided tour with a resort profession. Contact Oxygène Ski School directly…

There are 2 ice rinks in La Plagne. A smaller artificial one in Plagne Centre and a larger natural one in Bellecote. This is a great activity for children of all ages.

If you have younger children, then during the day there are small sledging areas in most of the altitude villages where you can take them to enjoy sledging safely.

Taxi ski
If you can’t ski but want to join your group on the mountain, then Oxygène Ski School have the Taxi Ski. You are in the hands of a professional guide in your own private 'ski taxi'. It can be as fast or as slow as you like. This is a wonderful activity for everyone.

(La Plagne Bobsleigh)

This is the only bobsleigh in France, and it’s open to the public! You can choose between the Bob raft, Speed luge or Bob racing. Each one thoroughly adrenaline orientated. As long as you are 1 meter 30 then you can give it ago.

Take a ride in a sledge pulled by 7-10 huskies. Anyone from 2 years old can participate. It’s great fun and the dogs are beautiful! If you fancy learning how to drive them, then you can also do this. We’re sure you’ll love it.

For the adrenaline searchers, why not jump off the side of the mountain and fly like a bird? This activity if a must do in La Plagne, as it can’t be done just anywhere, plus you have the most amazing views too. Check out La Plagne website for a selection of companies who do Paragliding in La Plagne.

Evening activities...

In Plagne Centre we have a recently refurbished cinema showing the latest films during the week. They also open earlier on big 'snow days', which is a great for children!

(Bowling Bar Belle Plagne)

Another wonderful activity for all the family. In La Plagne we have 2 bowling alleys Le Holidays in Plagne Centre and the Bowling Bar in Belle Plagne. Both are great and both have bars too, so you can have a relaxing 'apres-ski' drink with your friends or family too.

Restaurants & bars
There’s an abundance of super restaurants and bars in La Plagne. We’ll go more into this in another blog post, however if you are looking for a special evening out we have a top-notch recommendation…Cocoon Grill. If you are on holiday with 6 to 21 people then you can privatise your evening in a small (or large) Scandinavian kota grill shack. Click on the link above to look at the menu!


Electric mountain biking
This is one of the ‘newer’ activities in resort. You can enjoy an electric mountain bike session with Pardibike. Pardibike has been going for a few years now, however during the Covid pandemic it has become extremely popular as a day time activity... but it’s even better at night! Check out their website for more information.

(Superluge Derby)

Superluge Derby
The original night time sledging activity and the best one around! Head out with Oxygène Ski School from Aime 2000 to La Plagne on super sledges. Honestly, it’s so much fun, you’ll be giggling all the way down.

In Plagne Centre you can go on a Moonbike adventure with Oxygène Ski & Snowboard School. A professional guide will take you out, once the slopes shut to skiers, on an adventure not to be missed! For more information contact them directly.


So there you have it, these are our favourite 'non-ski' activities during daytime and the evening. And don't forget, they’re not just limited to non-skiers too… See you in La Plagne soon!

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