A few of our favourite things (in La Plagne)

If you didn’t already know Oxygène Immobilier has been up and running in La Plagne since 1995, and we’ve been around even longer, so we know a lot about the resort, both on and off piste. 

This is why we want to share with you a number of our FAVOURITES, so you can use our knowledge and have a blooming amazing holiday in La Plagne…

(Photo credit : qendo, unsplash)

The first question often asked is ’How do I get to the resort?’. You can read more about how to get to La Plagne in our article It’s Holiday Time - How to get to La Plagne, however we have 2 favourite TAXI COMPANIES that we always recommend, Bouzon and JB Taxi. They are both located in Plagne Centre and both extremely professional. During the Covid crisis they both provided in resort short transfers to and from the villages. 

Another question that we get asked a lot by new clients is ‘Where can I rent ski or snowboard equipment?’. Our favourite RENTAL SHOP is our wonderful partner-in-crime company Oxygène Ski. They are next door to our office in Plagne Centre and they have an excellent range of ski and snowboard equipment for all levels. They do ski or snowboard servicing too, so you can make sure you’re ready to slide correctly for your first day on the slopes.They also provide an in-house Chalet fitting service where they come to your accommodation when you arrive in resort with your pre-reserved equipment. Please note, this does have to be reserved in advance. What’s great is when you book via ourselves (at the same time as your accommodation) we can get you some discounts!!!

(Photo: Oxygene.ski)

Next question, which naturally follows the one before is ‘Where can I get ski or snowboard lessons?’. Again, a no brainer here, our favourite SKI SCHOOL is Oxygène Ski. They have offices and ski school meeting points in both Plagne Centre and Belle Plagne. Their team of instructors are literally the best, and what’s even better is they all speak English, plus many other languages too. 

When it comes down to knowing where to ski, we often get asked ‘Where are the best slopes?’. Well, it really depends does on your level and we’ve written a whole other article called The Best Pistes in La Plagne. However, if we have to choose our TOP 3 SKI SLOPES are:

  1. Mont de la Guerre
  2. Esselet
  3. Levasset

Follow the link above, read our article and you’ll find out why…

(Photo: Angela Pham, Unsplash)

Part of a ski holiday is not doing the cooking and eating delicious traditional French or Savoyard mountain food, and we get asked ‘Where are the best restaurants?’ a number of times during a standard week in the season. We love eating in so many restaurants around the resort, and when you read our Meet the Team profile articles you can see everyones personal favourites. However, we have globally settled on the following RESTAURANTS:

Daytime/ on the slopes

  1. Inversens 
  2. Chalet du Friolin
  3. Le Chalet des Verdons Suds
  4. (an added extra - Chalet de l’Arpette)
  1. Restaurant Carlina
  2. Cocoon Grill
  3. Expedition 
  4. Le Petit Comptoir

Another huge part of a ski holiday is the apres-ski. What better way than enjoying a drink in one of the local hangouts? But ‘Which bars are the best?’ We’ll here are a few of our favourite BARS in La Plagne:

  1. Brix - a great beer bar located in Plagne Centre
  2. La Mine - après-ski in a mine with live music
  3. Vins et 1 - a wonderful tapas bar in Aime 2000
  4. Luna - a great party bar in Plagne Centre

(Photo: Luna Bar)

But ‘What else can I do in La Plagne?’ Lots of people ask this question! Yes, it is true skiing or snowboarding are not the only activities you can do in a winter resort. We have a great article called La Plagne for Non-Skiers and you can check it out by following the link. However, as a quick reference here are our favourite NON-SKI ACTIVITIES in La Plagne:

Family/ children friendly

  1. Ice skating
  2. Bowling
  3. Huskies
  4. (an added extra - Outdoor Swimming)
  1. Bobsleigh
  2. Paragliding
  3. Superluge
Relaxation/ Spas
  1. Deep Nature Spa
  2. Araucaria Spa
  3. Carlina Spa

(Photo: Engin Akyurt)

We hope you’ve found this information useful. If you think we’re missed anything out or have any comments then feel free contact us directly. We really hope to see you very soon in La Plagne!

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