(If you can) why you should ski in January ?

We know that being able to take a holiday in January is not possible for everyone, but we do feel the need to explain to the people who can, why you should be visiting us in La Plagne in January this winter.

As we all know, this is the first ‘normal’ winter season we have been able to have in the past 2 years. We’ve missed you and we know lots of you have missed out on your annual ski holidays. If you haven't already booked, but have really got the ski bug, why not come this January. Here we are to explain 4 very important reasons why you should do it...

Photo : Paradiski / presse-laplagne.com

January is quiet 
Just after the mad rush of the Christmas and New Year holidays, January is a huge contrast to these weeks. The slopes are quiet, the lift queues are non existant and you can get easily around the resort without knocking shoulders. The reason for this is that most of the schools frown upon children taking extra time out from their lessons, so this is the moment we generally get couples, families with young (pre-school) children, groups of adults and young professionals who have that flexibility. 
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Photo : Elina Sirparanta / presse-laplagne.com

January has great snow
The snow conditions in January are epic! But why? We can go into the scientific reasoning behind why this beautiful, soft, floaty powder snow comes in January and not in March, but the main reason is because it is colder. also, being in high altitude (Plagne Centre is around 2000 meters) means there is less humidity in the air, this creates lighter and smaller snow particles (the type you feel you can float on). Then, as January is one the coldest months of the year, these wonderful snow conditions last longer. 

Photo: O Allamand / presse-laplagne.com

January is cheaper
Honestly, you can save a fortune when you come to the mountains in January. Flights are often massively cheaper and you can sometimes save up to 50% on accommodation costs. But why is it cheaper? Well there are less people skiing during January. So yes, we want you in resort and therefore we make it more appealing, not just for business reasons but also so you can see the true magic of skiing in January. If you do it once, you’ll never turn back.
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Photo: luna-bar.fr

January après rocks 
Apres-ski in Covid times is a little tricky, however talking generally about pre- (and nearly post-) Covid, après-ski in January can get wild. This is normally a time when more adults come to resort without their children, they don’t have to worry about getting up early in the morning, have less responsibility, therefore all exceptions break free. Bars host live music more often, locals go out and party more, people dance on tables and generally have a lot of laughs! (Just so you know, we’re not blaming children for ruining adult party time, promise, we’re just parents ourselves and understand!).
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So as you can see it, coming in January will allow you to really make the most of every second. Pop along to our website reservations, enter the best dates for you and see why we can offer. We know you will not regret it!

See you soon 

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