Meet the Team - Sofia

You are in luck, you are meeting our newest member of our team today and what a joy she is. This Meet the Team is all about Sofia… Sofia is 25 years old, originally from Dunkirk, has studied hard, learnt another language, lived in Malta and now is in La Plagne. If you read on you’ll learn more about her and you may be surprised…

Name: Sofia

Position: Receptionist.

Years in company: This is my first winter! I’m new to this wonderful mountain life.

Experience/accomplishments: I studied Digital Marketing at University and then went on to gain a postgraduate Masters degree in E-Business. I’ve worked as a SEO content writer where I wrote about everything (and I mean everything!). I moved to Malta after University to learn English too. Here I worked as an online game presenter for a betting website, I was in charge of the roulette table. It was fun!

How long have you been in La Plagne? This is my first season in La Plagne. I’ve only been in a ski resort 1 other time around 10 years ago. It’s all very new to me! Before La Plagne I was living in Malta where the weather is a bit different, but I love it here.

Where is your favourite place to eat in resort (and why)? I have not really sampled many of the restaurants yet, but I do like Mammas Kitchen. I can tell you my favourite bars though… I really like the Brix, it’s right next to our office too, so very central and practical for a drink after work. Luna Bar is also pretty cool, it’s got a nice vibe if you are with a group of friends. Then there is the Vin et 1 in Aime 2000. I was there the other night with my friends and had a great time. Billy the boss is very funny and makes you feel really welcome.

Do you ski, snowboard or both? I am learning how to ski. I’ve had a few lessons so far and now I am able to ski blue runs. It’s great as La Plagne is full of blue runs, in my opinion, some of the blues are more reds in areas though. That’s why you need to take lessons, so you instructor can show you where to go. I would like to learn how to snowboard though. This is next on my To Do list.

Which is your favourite piste to ski/snowboard down (and why)? I really like heading up the Bergerie chairlift and skiing down to Bellecôte via the piste. But the trick is to pass by the top of the natural halfpipe then join the Rhodos piste, which cuts across to the Arolles run. It is really pretty at the bottom as you go through the trees. It’s perfect as it’s flat enough for me to ski well and I can film at the same time. Super for my Instagram!

What’s the best thing about working at Oxygène Immobilier (and why)? I really like a transfer day. It’s dynamic and it’s the day I get to meet our wonderful clients. When there is a challenge, we over come it as a team. It’s a nice environment to work in and everyone at Oxygène are very welcoming. At the end of the day you feel like you’ve done a good job.

How do you like to start your day? No matter what, I need my glass of orange juice. I can eat anything, that doesn’t matter, but without my juice I am not happy.

What was your first job? I was a waitress in an Italian restaurant in Belgium. I worked there for 3 summers from 17 years old. It was fun and I made a lot of friends. One of my friends in fact came to Malta with me.

What lead you to this job? I like to see it as a story or chance. I was on my way back to Malta for a holiday and the night before I had seen on the news that there was a shortage in seasonal workers in ski resorts. I was at the airport and it popped back into my mind, so I decided to Google ‘jobs in ski resorts’ and a job offer with Oxygène came up at the top. I sent my CV there and then and the next day I got call for an interview. I didn’t expect it to be that quick. I really love traveling and new experiences, and I believe life is too short to not take opportunities, so I jumped at the chance.

Fun fact about yourself? I have 2… I was a classical ballet dancer and competed in group choreography competitions up to the age of 15. Our team made it through to the French nationals but unfortunately we didn’t have enough funding and couldn’t go forward. 
My second fun fact is while at university I once had a job as the person who cleans the floor after an accident in handball competitions. Yes, it’s a strange job, but someone has to do it.

Have you got a favorite expression or joke? In French I often say “C’est pas les douze travaux d’hercules”. This translates in English to “It's not the twelve labours of Hercules” and I use it to mean nothing is that difficult, I can do it, so let’s do it.

We hope you have enjoyed meeting Sofia! Don't forget to say in touch with us regularly on Facebook or Instagram! See you in La Plagne soon...

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