Meet The Team - Sybille

Welcome to our meet the team section. Throughout this season you can delve a little deeper into who does what in Oxygène Immobilier. You’ll meet all our managers, receptionists and technical team. This week we start with Sybille, the founder of it all…

Name: Sybille de Monvallier

Position/speciality: Founder and managing director. I suppose nowadays I ‘specialise’ in the overall management of the company and all the behind the scenes paperwork. However I have done everything from sales to rentals and I love it all!

Years in company: Since 1997, the very beginning, so 23 years this winter...

Relevant industry experience/accomplishments: I studied Hotel & Catering at the University of Thonon Les Bains near Geneva. Afterwards I furthered my studies in Tourism & Hospitality Management at Savoie University.

How long have you been in La Plagne? I moved to La Plagne in 1982 with my family. After moving away for to study, I eventually came back in 1997 with my project to set up Oxygène Immobilier, and I suppose the rest is history.

What is your favourite place to eat in resort (and why)? This is difficult to answer because it really depends on my mood. For a great gourmet burger I love the Vin et 1 in Aime 2000. The Chalet de La Roche (in La Roche) is another favourite, you’ll taste the most delicious Italian fine dinning in La Plagne here. And last but not least, for a fun party evening out I always go to the Face Nord in Belle Plagne.

Do you ski, snowboard or both? I’m 100% a skier. I tried snowboarding but I was very bad at it.

Which is your favourite piste to ski down (and why)? The Esselet on the way down to Montchavin. It’s a beautiful red run through the trees. The scenery and views are fantastic and for some reason it’s always so quiet. It’s one of La Plagnes hidden gems that’s for sure.

What’s the best thing about working at Oxygène Immobilier (and why)? The rhythm of working seasons is not for everyone but I love it! Half of the year is super busy, then the other half is a lot calmer and relaxed. Also, you can never really get tired of these views. Oh and of course the management is excellent ;).

How do you like to start your day? With oat waffles and black tea. Delicious!

What was your first job? I was a receptionist in a 3* hotel in Luxembourg.

What led you to this career? I never imagined I would be in this career when I was younger, I knew I wanted to work for myself though. After studying I wanted to come back to La Plagne to create my company. I mean who doesn’t love La Plagne?!

Fun fact about yourself? I lived in St Croix in the Caribbean, Virgin Islands for 6 months. It was for a university work placement and it made me fall in love with travelling.

Have you got a favourite expression or joke? What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

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