All my questions answered on selling property in La Plagne or Val d’Isere


Why should I sell my property through Oxygene?

Selling through an agency like Oxygene you benefit from the guidance and advice of professionals who have more than 20 years experience in La Plagne.  We take care of all the administrative details such as prospecting, marketing and negotiation.  We help you sell at the right price guided by our expertise and local knowledge of the property market conditions in La Plagne.

What is the difference between ‘une promesse de vente’ and ‘un compromise de vente’?

The promise of sale is upstream of the sales agreement. The sales agreement is a contract that binds the seller to sell his property to a potential buyer. The buyer benefits from a 2 - 3 month gap between the promise and the sale agreement . To be valid, the sales agreement must be registered with the tax office between 10 days and one month after its signing.

The ‘compromise de vente’ (sales agreement) is a contract between the seller and buyer.  Each engages in the agency contract according to the conditions stipulated in the sales agreement: price, description of the property, signature cutoff date for the deed of sale.  The buyer must deposit 10% of the sale price.

What are the obligatory surveys to sell a property?

The list of obligatory surveys depends on the implementation zone of the property, the construction date and type of property.
For example, an environmental survey is obligatory for properties constructed prior to 1997. A lead survey must be carried out for a property constructed before January 1949 and must be renewed every year if lead is detected.  A termite survey  valid for 6 months when a contaminated zone is detected.  The survey Loi Carrez is necessary for all co-ownership properties. A gas and electric survey are valid for 3 years for installations older than 15 years.  A energy performance survey (DPE) is valid for 10 years.  This survey must be attached with the sale notice.  All the other surveys must be included with the sales agreement.

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