The TENANT understands the premises rented is available only as a temporary residence for a specific time period and cannot be extended without prior consent of OXYGENE IMMOBILIER. In no case can the tenant use the property for a professional, commercial or artisanal activity of any kind whatsoever.



The contract is firm and definitive. Upon payment of a deposit the TENTANT agrees to take on the rental premises under the provisions stated in the contract agreement and the final balance must be paid one month before the beginning of the rental period.



A deposit must be provided at the beginning of the rental period to cover any damage that may be caused during the rental period. This includes damage to the rental property, goods within the property such as movable objects and furnishings, and any excessive energy consumption deemed not within the norm.
At the end of the rental period a professional inventory will take place. If all property fixtures and fittings are in working order the deposit will be returned within 15 days. If the property fixtures and fittings are not in order, the deposit will be returned with the total cost of any replaced items deducted from the amount. Costs can include replacements, additional cleaning and any excessive energy consummations. If the original security deposit is insufficient the TENANT agrees to complete the total amount.



- The TENANT agrees to take on and maintain the property in the same condition as mentioned in the description, and upon arrival, throughout the stay.


- An inventory list is given to the TENANT upon arrival. The TENANT agrees to complete the inventory and report any anomalies, then present it to OXYGÈNE IMMOBILIER within 48 hours of the arrival date. Once this period has passed, no complaint will be taken into account and the property is deemed fit for purpose with no irregularities.


- Furniture and movable objects, such as wallpaper or curtains, should only suffer depreciation resulting from normal intended use. Anything more than general wear and tear, missing or non-usable after a rental period must be paid for and replaced by the TENANT. Consent and approval from OXYGNE IMMOBILIER must be sort after in all cases. Please note, the following will be retained from the deposit:


- The cost of any broken or cracked objects.

- The cost of professional cleaning of carpets, blankets, mattresses, bedding, and so on, which have been stained.


- The TENANT understands all furniture, fixtures and fittings in the rented property must be used for the intended use only. Objects must not be moved outside the rented premises, and it is expressly forbidden to put or leave anything on windows or balconies.

- Foreign objects, or anything likely to obstruct pipes, must not be put down the toilets or drains. In failing to do so, the TENANT is liable for any costs incurred for the correct return of service.

- UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, can the TENANT sublet or assign the rights of the contract to another person without the consent of OXYGENE IMMOBILIER. The contracted TENANT must abide to all rules and regulations and respecting the overall harmony of the building while lodging in the property.

- The rented premises must not, under any circumstances, be occupied by more than the allocated number of people indicated in the rental contract. If numbers exceed, OXYGENE IMMOBILIER has the right to refuse any additional person. A breach of contract will be deemed if numbers surpass and will be at the fault of the contracted TENANT.

- For any urgent, necessary or general maintenance work the TENANT must allow access to the rental premises and common areas at all times.

- ANIMALS are not permitted onto the rental premises unless written into the contract and formally agreed with the consent of OXYGENE IMMOBILIER. If this is not respected OXYGÈNE IMMOBILIER, or the owner, can refuse entry to the premises. Any breach of contract will be deemed the fault of the contracted TENANT.


PLEASE NOTE: Children of 6 years or younger are not permitted to sleep in bunks or other elevated beds. It is imperative to read any property instructions, specifically regarding spa equipment, and it is strictly forbidden for children to use saunas, hamams and/or other spa equipment without the full supervision of an adult at all times.

Non-smoking properties: For reasons of hygiene and safety, smoking is strictly prohibited in this property. If the smell of smoke and/or traces of burns are found anywhere on the premises, OXYGÈNE IMMOBILIER undertakes all rights to withhold a lump sum of money from the deposit, corresponding to the compensation for damage.



OXYGENE IMMOBILIER promises to provide the TENANT with rental accommodation in accordance to the description, and comply with all obligations within this contract.


The TENANT is fully responsible for any damage to the property resulting during the stay. The tenant must have fully covered rental accommodation insurance for theft, fire, glass breakage and water damage. The insurance must also cover personal risk and that of claims from a 3rd party. OXYGENE IMMOBILIER, and the owner of the property, reserve all rights to decline any responsibility in the event of a claim made by the TENANT.


Any cancellations or modifications to dates must be requested in advance and sent to Oxygène Immobilier via email: OXYGENE IMMOBILIER can provide a cancellation insurance that will cover you in case a cancellation. We can provide a list of guarantee regarding this insurance.


-         However in view of the health crisis, and in order to allow you to organise your holiday in complete peace of mind, OXYGENE IMMOBILIER will exceptionally detract from its general booking terms and conditions for the winter 2022-2023.


A full refund of any amount paid is guaranteed for any of the following reasons:


- If there are any restrictions concerning the residential address provided upon reservation. This can include any form of travel restrictions and an obligatory return quarantine period of more than 48 hours. These restrictions must appear on the following websites at the time of requesting a cancellation: et


- If there are any local restrictions for La Plagne, preventing access into the ski resort. These restrictions must appear on the following websites at the time of requesting a cancellation: et


- If there is a permanent closure of ski lifts in the resort.


- For any other reasons, please refer to the table below:



Cancellation date

1 week, 1 apartment

Consecutive weeks or multiple apartments

More than 30 days before arrival date

Fees egual of the deposit

Fees egual of the deposit

Less than 30 days before arrival date

No refund of rental property or services

No refund of rental property or services


- * If in any case the property is rented out again, the cancellation compensation is limited to the total amount difference between the initial price and the last-minute price.



In accordance with Article L 1255 of the Environmental Code, the lessor declares that the property is located in an area covered by a prevention plan for foreseeable technological or natural risks prescribed or approved, or in a seismic zone defined by decree in Council of State. A risk report was drawn up dated 04/27/2006 on the basis of the information made available by the prefecture. The TENANT will receive a copy at the same time as the rental agreement.



In accordance with the amended law "Informatique et Libertés" from the 6th January 1978 (art.32), you are informed that OXYGENE IMMOBILIER proceeds exclusively to organise your stay, with the use of automated processing of personal data. You can object to this processing for legitimate reasons by contacting OXYGENE IMMOBILIER by e-mail at the following address:

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