Meet The Team - Alice

This month you get to know a little more about Alice, our ambidextrous handball player from Dijon...

Name: Alice

Position: Housekeeper 

Years in company: This is my second ‘real’ winter working at Oxygène Immobilier. Last winter I worked on the reception and this winter I am in charge of the housekeeping. Saying that, 2 years ago I also helped out with the inventory for the apartments and I covered the reception for 1 month in the run up to the winter just before Virginie arrived.

Experience: I have worked a number of different jobs, and last winter season I worked on the reception at the medical center in Plagne Centre. There was never a dull moment and I appreciate everything I learnt. Another job that has helped me with my English skills is when I taught French to an English family in La Plagne. And just by chance this family are in fact Oxygène Immobilier clients (the Robinsons you know who you are).

How long have you been in La Plagne? I have been in La Plagne for 4 years now, beforehand I was in Meribel and before that in Bar Le Duc.

Where is your favourite place to eat in resort (and why)? The Vin & 1 in Aime 2000 is one of my favourite places, they have super burgers and Billy, the boss, is really funny. And the Vache Rouge in Plagne Centre do a great seafood platter. I also really like pizza and the Ti & Yu in Plagne Centre does a good takeaway. 

Do you ski, snowboard or both? I only really learnt how to ski 4 years ago. It is funny because my first ski lessons were with Billy (from Vin & 1) as he is also a ski instructor with Oxygène Ski School.

Which is your favourite piste to ski/snowboard down (and why)? I like the Rossa, Crepines and Serac on the Champany side. They are all great blues, right next to each other, and accessible from the top of the Rossa chairlift. There is also a great restaurant there where you can stop for a beer, vin chaud or hot chocolate (depending on your taste) and see the most incredible views of the valley.

What’s the best thing about working at Oxygène Immobilier (and why)? Easy, working with my friends. I knew everyone before I started working here, and they are all lovely people (especially my bosses!).

How do you like to start your day? I don’t have a particular way I like to start the day. Everyday changes, so I adapt with it.

What was your first job? I worked in McDonald's when I was 18 years old. I loved it and I met some great people who I am still friends with to this day. I in fact got an award when I left called 'Miss Lobby' because cleaning the restuarnt floor at the end of the shift was one of my least favourite parts of the job.

What lead you to this career? Before I came to the mountains I was a radiographer, but I wanted to change and do something different. I was also playing handball at the time in Bar-Le-Duc, and I tried to find work within this industry but it was very difficult. I met my boyfriend and he wanted to do a ski season, so I said ‘why not’, and here I am 3 years later…

Fun fact about yourself? I am ambidextrous. I use to play handball and played for the French national team with my twin sister when I was 16. I am right-handed and she is left-handed, and in sport if you are a ‘leftie’ then you are seen as being the best. I wanted to be like her, so I taught myself how to use my left hand.

Have you got a favorite expression or joke? ‘C’est pas grave’, which means ‘it doesn’t matter’. For example, if my car is broke down, it really doesn’t matter, we’re still here, we’re still alive and we will sort it out.

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