Ski Holidays during the Covid Crisis

It’s officially half term holidays in France! Yes, so far La Plagne has not been able to open its lift system, however the resort is still open to holiday makers. Here we are to tell you what it’s really like being on holiday here in La Plagne…

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It’s arrival day and we ask you to come directly to our office to collect your accommodation keys. Keys in hand, it's time to find your beautiful Oxygène Immobilier hideaway in the mountains… Ok, finally you are on holiday, now is your time to relax! This season is all about quality time with your loved ones, and La Plagne is a wonderful resort to do this in.

So it’s time to eat, but you haven’t organised any food for the evening and it’s nearly the 6pm curfew in La Plagne. Do not worry, there are a number of restaurants that provide a takeaway service in resort, and some of the restaurants have even set up a delivery service if it’s after 6pm. You can simply phone them, order and collect at your allocated time.

Some of our favourites food choices are sushi from Le Brix bar, tasty kabab and salad with homemade chips from Mamas Kitchen, pizza from Chez Peter and we even sometimes go for the traditional French a la carte menu from the Expédition!

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The boulangerie in Plagne Centre is open every morning and afternoon so you can grab fresh bread, crossants and pain au chocolates. They also do excellent sandwiches and mini quiches, perfect for your lunchtime picnic box. Plus, there are plenty of other shops open, for example the tabac, spa, pharmacy (please note masks are obligatory).

But what types of activities can you do during the day I hear you say? Well, La Plagne has a regular bus servie that goes around the different altitude villages. They are not as regular as a ‘normal’ winter season, however you can time them depending on your activity of choice. 

You can, infact, ski or snowboard during your holiday. For example, you can ski down from Aime 2000 to La Roche or from Plagne Village to Plagne Centre and Belle Plagne to Bellecôte. Don't get us wrong, it's not anything like normal, but if you do fancy a few slopes, you can 100% do it!

You can also go sledging on the same slopes. If you do not have a sledge you can rent one easily. At Oxygène Ski School they have some super robust sledges with proper metal hand breaks. Trust me, it’s so much fun sledging on the slopes from village to village and because it is normally not possible, it’s a defiant must do.

You can go ski touring too! Rent your equipment and a personal guide via Oxygène ski school and you'll be learning the correct way and safely. They’ll take you to places to match your level. One thing to remember though, is every time you do it, it gets better and better and you wont want to stop.

Another personal favourite of ours, and everyone can do it, is snowshoeing! It’s a fantastic way to explore our mountains, allowing you to access those hidden tracks though deep snow or in the forests.

Finally, we can not forget one of the most simple, yet probable the most rewarding activity of them all… walking. Yes, there are some fantastic walking paths around La Plagne and the scenery is simply devine. You can walk from one village to the other and get the local resort bus back. The tourist information has a walking map available too, so you can not get lost.

(Photo : Tim Gouw)

Ok, so the question is, what is it really like though? Well, there is definely life in the resort, it’s a lot quieter than usual and you definitely feel lucky. It’s not like a ‘normal’ winter but everyone is embracing it while sticking to the rules. Technically you can go wherever you want (within the curfew time) and the slopes that are normally reserved for skiers or snowboarders can now be used by everyone.

In fact, being on holiday in La Plagne during these times is quite exhilarating. The fresh mountain air, the relaxed holiday atmosphere, there are no expectations, yet everything, somehow, has been exceeded. The resort buisnesses and staff are going above and beyond to make sure your experience in La Plagne, during these challenging times, is one to remember.

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